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AirCell Technology

Multiple Layers of Advanced MLILY Foams.

Life is about balance. In today’s world full of complex pressures and demands, we understand the need for simple, harmonious support. Our AirCell Technology Mattresses are crafted with performance memory foam designed to relieve pressure along every square inch of your body, delivering a deeper, more fluent night’s sleep that lets you perform at your best each day.


Comfort Memory Series  |  13″

Comfortable Plush Feel

Cooling Fabric Cover

Phase Changing Material

Top Selling AirCell Plush Mattress


1. Cooling Knit Fabric

2. AirCell Technology with PCM

3. Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

4. Liquid Gel Flex Foam

5. Egg Embossed Foam

6. Flex Comfort Foam Base

Full Serene Elite

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